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Do you want to get best wood painting service in Patna?

Wood painting requires a proper technique to produce better finishing and touch. Such techniques are helpful to work for varnishing wood. Polish an apparent and protective coating either matte or glossy will give the wood a colored safety and also enhance the wood grain and pattern. Zee interior helps you to get the best wood painting service in Patna.

Key features of wood painting:

Sanding :

Wooden surfaces should be sanded first, independent of whether it is to be recolored or painted over. Key to durable paint result is to get ready woodwork to dispose of residue or free particles or existing polished layer assuming any. Wood should be sanded along the grains. Beginning with 180 Grit sand papers, sanding can be logically done utilizing 320 or 400 coarseness, either towards the start or between coats.

Change the Color:

Stains change the shade of the wooden surface. Premium Wood Stains are accessible, that can give your wooden surfaces the look of Mahogany or Teak. Glossy silks can be utilized before applying shine or even before straightforward melamine or polyester coatings. Stains can be connected over the surface as required, to accomplish wanted shading. No sanding is required in the middle.


Wooden furnishings and entryways can be finished to give a rich, gleaming look. Polishing is done either physically (hand finish) or utilizing a machine. Chalk powder is connected onto the surface, recoloured or something else, before cleaning, to get a uniform tone. Light sanding utilizing 320 or 400 coarseness sandpaper should be possible, in the middle. PU or Melamine covering can be connected over Polished outside for unrivalled completion and film remains.

What we provide?

Zee interior provides you the materials, instruction and design. Our motivation is to offer the best wood painting service in Patna. We have started the mission to achieve our goal and deal the customer to give them satisfaction. Our team pays a great dedication towards their work and complete project on the given deadline. We assure you quality of wood painting and commit the best service.